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The mobility revolution
for the car park

podis® is the ideal solution for setting up a charging infrastructure with decentralized power distribution. You can see how quickly this happens here.

The innovation behind
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The innovation
behind speed.

Never mind
if it’s fast

E-mobility is the topic of the hour. With podis, you can set up the necessary charging infrastructure for a decentralized power supply without any major planning effort. Fast, secure and flexible. Thanks to innovative flat cables and clip-on outlet modules, podis enables many charging stations to be attached to a relatively short section of cable. And that without much voltage drop. Dismantling and stripping the cables becomes unnecessary. This not only significantly speeds up initial installation, conversion and expansion, but also reduces waste to a minimum.

  • 65% faster during initial installation
  • 79% faster conversion
podis® compared to a conventional installation
Podis Flat Cable System

podis® CON power bus

A connection module of the podis® power bus Technical consulting

The innovation
behind flexibility.

The power distribution,
that grows with its tasks

The podis® power bus system enables decentralized power distribution that you can continuously adapt to current demand. Modifications and expansions can be carried out at any time without major planning effort. Even the exchange of a charging station requires only a few minutes. This not only saves you time, but also cash through the efficient use of materials.

  • 88% faster for extensions
  • 30% lower installation costs

podis® – Innovation is more than the sum of its parts

We deliver the proof in a sample case

A sample case with all the components needed to install a podis® power bus system.

Convince yourself. In our sample case you will find all the components you need to connect the podis® power bus system.

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The innovation
behind safety.

Isn't it nice when nothing happens?

Thanks to the penetration contacts, podis guarantees safe operation even in demanding environments. Parking garages in particular are often exposed to moisture and high temperature fluctuations due to weather conditions. This makes it all the more important to have a power distribution system that ensures reliable operation under these conditions and is characterized by maximum safety.

in practice

Quality that
simply convinces

Convinced customers are the best evidence that a product has proven itself in use.

And for Daniel Ruf from the Swiss Burkhalter Group, podis® has already passed the practical test with flying colors: "We rely on a system that can be installed with little effort and without errors. Classic cabling methods wouldn't work at all with our business model."

Especially when his company retrofits existing garages, the advantages of podis® come into their own: "Let's imagine we implement 90 charging stations in an underground garage and want to do it with conventional cables and junction boxes... that would be an adventurous undertaking in many places

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Burkhalter Group
For Daniel Ruf of Burkhalter Group podis® is the ideal solution.
Classic cabling methods would no longer work at all with our business model.
Daniel Ruf, Burkhalter Group

Actually, in all the projects we retrofit, the space available in the route and in the main distribution is not exactly princely. So a system like this naturally suits us very well. The development from the main electrical distribution to the flat cable has proven to be very feasible in most cases."

When will you be convinced of the advantages of power distribution with podis®?

It’s a perfect match

podis® is a system solution with perfectly matched components. This makes error-free installation even easier.

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